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Monday, August 31, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade-31

"Destroyer of Worlds"
After fighting off the Riders, Super Apollo Geist takes Natsumi hostage and flees. Kazuma Kenzaki appears, saying that Tsukasa's existence is the real cause of the worlds blending before confronting him as Kamen Rider Blade in King Form with Asumu keeping Yusuke and Wataru from interfering as Decade is easily defeated. After returning to the Hikari Studio, Tsukasa is recuperating while learning that all of his photos are starting to vanish; Eijiro keeps his hope with a photo of Natsumi. Following Kivala, Tsukasa is attacked by Wataru and Asumu, who Kenzaki recruited so they can save their worlds.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade-30

"Rider War: Prologue"
When Natsumi realizes that this is the world from her nightmares, she becomes wary for Tsukasa's well-being. Finding him in a tuxedo and feeling that this is the final chapter to their journey, they witness Wataru and Kazuma leading their respective Rider/monster groups against each other. After Rising Ixa and Leangle are killed off in the fight, Tsukasa makes his way to Wataru as he grieves over Ixa's death. Meeting the Fangire Queen Yuki, they learn from Wataru that the Riders are fighting each other to maintain the existence of their worlds. Returning to Hikari Studio after refusing to take sides, Natsumi reveals her dreams as Narutaki appears and reveals it to be the work of Apollo Geist and asks Tsukasa to stop Dai-Shocker.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade-29

"The Strong, Naked, Strong Guy"
Evading Apollo Geist and Llumu Qhimil with Diend's aid, Tsukasa has his wounds tended to by Natsumi before Yusuke and a weakened Amazon join them, revealing that Masahiko took the GiGi Armlet as Ritsuko arrives and calls in the Dai-Shocker Soldiers after them despite Tsukasa questioning her faith in Dai-Shocker. Later finding the Hikari Photo Studios in ruins, the gang meet Daiki as he reveals that Masahiko delivered the GiGi Armlet to Llumu Qhimil who awarded the boy to be the first to be subjected to Dai-Shocker's monster conversion plan.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade- 28

Arriving in an new A.R. World, finding himself in a baseball uniform, Tsukasa notices the people are acting strange while saluting each other before he, Natsumi and Yusuke are singled out as Propheta Cruentis, Go-Jaraji-Da, and Camponotus Worm Maxilla appear to exterminate them. Amazon arrives to their aid, fighting the monsters with Decade backing him up as the people back up Cruentis and Jaraji after Maxilla is killed under a boy named Masahiko. Taking them to safety, Amazon introduces himself as Daiki appears and reveals that Great Shocker is controlling this world with the Ten-Faced Demon Yum Kimil as its ruler. Evading the military police, Tsukasa and company find Masahiko being attacked by Great Shocker Soldiers as Amazon and Yusuke come to his aid.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade-27

Following Apollo Geist into another A.R. World, Decade is attacked by Kamen Rider Black until Diend arrives and summons Femme to hold him off. The next day, after learning he's in the World of Black, Decade ambushes Guy as Ryuki and fights him until he uses a little girl as his hostage. When Decade takes a hit from Diend to save the child, Black watches and has second thoughts about him as Apollo Geist escapes. After explaining that Apollo Geist came to the world before and recruited the cult Gorgom into Great Shocker, Kotaro offers his aid to Tsukasa as Schwarian arrives and sends the Scorpion Imagin and Mantis Fangire after Decade and BLACK. Using Faiz's power, Decade destroys the two monsters as Schwarian summons the Chaps, allowing Tsukasa to make it back to World of Black RX as Apollo Geist summons a pack of Orphnoch and Worms. The numbers even out as Daiki arrives and use Decade's card to summon the World of Black's Kotaro.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade- 26

"RX! Great Shocker Attack"
Tsukasa finds himself wearing strange clothes with another strange card as he, Natsumi, and Yuusuke find themselves attacked by the Strange Demon Robot Schwarian and his Chaps as Kamen Rider Black RX battles them, with both sides believing Tsukasa to be Joe the Haze. When the Seamoon Fangire and Scorpion Imagin suddenly appear, Tsukasa becomes Decade to help RX out against the monsters with Agito's power as Schwarian runs off. After Natsumi stops RX from attacking Decade, RX takes her words to heart and sees Tsukasa as an ally. From there, he introduces himself as Kotaro Minami and says that has been fighting the Crisis Empire. Everyone is confused at the sudden appearance of Imagin and Fangires in this A.R. World with Tsukasa relucant to fight, once more. While Tsukasa takes pictures, after Natsumi offers him to embrace her world as his home, they confront a man named Guy who is behind the attacks.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade- 25

"Heretic Rider, on Call!"
After Tsukasa reveals himself, Takeru realizes that Tsukasa is the "Decade" Narutaki warned him about. Before the two can fight, Narutaki arrives to tell Tsukasa he is to blame for the terror brought unto the world by the Ayakashi Chinomanako who now has the powers of Diend, and that the only way to save the worlds he entered if he ceases to exist. After Takeru takes out the Nanashi and drives off Chinomanako as Shinken Red, Genta attacks Tsukasa believing that he is in league with Daiki until Natsumi takes him to the Hikari Studio, where Hikoma Kusakabe is hiding. When the other Shinkengers arrive, Daiki uses their fears to cause a fight to break out and escapes with Genta not far behind, leaving Natsumi to break it up before going to a room where all of Tsukasa's photos are kept.

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